Sunday, February 10, 2008

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Along with the pectorals, the bicep is one of the most desirable muscles. It's also trained incorrectly by more people than just about any other muscle. So the purpose of this article is to let you know about the correct way to go about building your bicep muscle.

The first thing you need to realise is that it is a relatively small muscle. Although every guy wants to show off his huge "guns", you shouldn't be training them as much as major muscle groups like your legs or chest.

Unlike just about everything else in your life, training too much will actually set you back and slow your progress. This is because you will put your body under too much stress and it will not be able to cope with it. In order to build the best biceps of your life, you need to train your biceps enough so that while they are stressed, they are not worked too much.

So what's the line? It's pretty simple (once again). Often I see young guys in the gym regularly spending their entire workout on their biceps. They spend 30-40 minutes performing set after set after set of bicep curls, hoping that all this effort will result in monster bicep muscles.

Well, this is what I call, crossing the line. It's great to train your biceps hard, but training every day, spending entire workouts on your biceps just isn't on.

What I like to do is include some bicep exercises in my workouts, for 1 day in the week. Thats right, I have build the biggest biceps in my life, by only training once a week and not performing anywhere near the amount of sets as most guys in the gym.

You're probably wondering what I do on this one day. Am I performing some magical new manuever? Nope, not at all. I stick to simple, basic movements. You've probably tried to build your biceps with these before, because they are the best and most common exercises for building the biceps. The difference would've been how you went about it.

My favourite exercise for the bicep muscle is the bicep curl. You can use dumbbells, an ezy curl bar, a barbell, alternate, whatever, this is a really great exercise, provided you don't over do it. Another exercise that I love for building my biceps is the pullup. You might not realise how great this is for your bicep, but you only have to perform a couple of really tough sets and you'll know exactly why I love this exercise.

So now you know all my "secrets" to having the best biceps in the gym. All you need to do now is actually hit the gym and apply what you have learned and you're on your way.


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